In 2012 the company work the first mover, the progress is the selection result
Column:Industry dynamic Time:2012-12-30
The company all staff democratic vote and comprehensive evaluation of the joint meeting of company:
Hao-liang li Shao Xiaoyan Their work advanced award
Chen Liyi Wang Linmin their work progress award

At the post office has released the first half of 2014 express service satisfaction and express service time limit on time rate test results in the key areas. According to the survey, the first half of 2014, express service satisfaction continued ascension, mean further shorten the whole time. Express delivery service in the first half of 2014 the overall satisfaction is 73.8, compared with 2013 increased by 1.1 points.

CSPB 29, released in 2015 express service satisfaction survey results and time limit on time rate, express service steady rise of overall satisfaction score 7 years in a row. 2015 express service the entire time shorten the average from a year earlier, the domestic long-distance express service time 72 hours on time rate will increase steadily, and eastern, central and western express service equalization step by step.

According to the survey, public mobile platform for express service satisfaction is highest, to the point and intelligent express mail box to the satisfaction of substantial increase over the previous year; Suggests that emerging delivery way gradually accepted by users, become to share "the last kilometer" delivery pressure of the important ways. In addition, 44.6% of the users to think LanShou link Posting examination strict than in 2014.

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